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In today’s super connected world, most Global CEOs are wondering how to digitise a connected customer experience whilst optimising the business model.

How do you radically digitise the business, at the same time positively harnessing the capability of people within the organisation; driving performance and profits, whilst keeping the business delivering to in year results?

What can you do to ensure you are instilling a higher sense of purpose for your customers and addressing wider stakeholder needs, like health, focus, environmental responsibility or societal consequences?

I believe in nurturing talent, fostering tenacity, and elevating performance of all people, irrespective of origin, by cultivating a deep sense of self-belief and connection, to achieve extraordinary results.

Global Transform is a place to learn and grow as a high-performance C-suite professional and Be Digital, Be Courageous, Be Remarkable!

Dax Grant

Evolution Vs Revolution


Technology is fast evolving, seeing the entrepreneurial CEO navigate a landscape of radical transformation for global organizations.

The evolution of new automation technologies is causing a revolution to occur on a social and organizational level.  

As a leader today, you need to be more visionary, more value-centred, and more diverse than ever before.

Are you ready to step up to harness your greatest strengths and powers? 

This is your time to evolve as more empowered and digitally savvy leaders to revolutionize the way we do business.

In today’s world, digitizing the business is simply not enough. To create a stand out position in the marketplace creating shared value with customer relationships at moments when customers appreciate is as essential as creating an effortless digitised experience.

Courageous leadership is the capability of making yourself better and stronger when the stakes are high and circumstances are tough.

Transformational Leadership


Organizations today are looking for a new style of leadership.  They seek people who are not just recognized for their awards and accolades, but leaders who can influence, empower, and champion their teams.

Today great leadership is inclusive, diverse and deeply connected. A growth mindset is one of our greatest strengths and powers. Cultivating a growth and success mindset for teams and organizations improves engagement, performance, motivation and promotes greater visionary entrepreneurial thinking.

Fostering constant learning and asking teams and leaders to take responsibility for their growth while doing everything you can to help others do the same is essential today.

Speaker and Panellist

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Respecting the Past, Reimagining the Future

Digitization is nothing new and has changed its face over the last decades and continues to evolve.  So what awaits the next generation of technological advancements?

We must learn from our digital journey and what’s happened in the past to reimagine a dynamic digital future.  The key is to drive proactive decision-making to gain the greatest impact for you and your customers at every organization level.

The Entrepreneurial Quotient

Boardroom conversations in high-performance FTSE, Fortune 500, and venture-capital-based organizations have shifted.

Yesterday’s good performance is today’s average. Post-pandemic, the impact of business leadership on society is distinguishing the exceptional from the merely good C-suite executives.

The most enlightened senior leaders realize that, irrespective of the size of the business, building entrepreneurship into the DNA of the organization is essential.

Interested in learning more and keeping your leadership skills fit for the future….

The Entrepreneurial Quotient provides a practical guide to executives who want to maintain and grow their edge in the market – blending societal leadership with entrepreneurial skill – and diving into the implications for your leadership style and your business.