About Dax Grant

Be digital. Be courageous. Be remarkable

Dax Grant - The Courageous Entrepreneur

A Visionary Life of COMPassion and Technology

Hi I’m Dax Grant,

Tough times are part of the journey of life for all of us. Tough experiences strengthen your inner resolve and even if you start with what appears to be nothing special can open up a world of experiences and learning. The tenacity of staying attuned to your internal purpose and audacious goals, broken down into a series of achievable steps, helps you push through to create entrepreneurial and societal impact.

I am an energetic CEO, COO and CIO in the tech industry, who leads global and international organizations through positive changes to pivot, grow and innovate via digitization and super connectivity.

Having worked hand-in-hand within technology-based firms such as FTSE 100, Fortune 500, and fin tech organizations as an executive director, business owner, advisor and Non Executive Director, I am best known as a courageous entrepreneur driving the positive turnaround and growth of businesses through bold leadership, digitization and building remarkable teams.

But it wasn’t always an easy pathway to success.

Eventually walking alongside Stephen Hawking at Cambridge University, it has been an interesting journey. I hold profound memories of the early years attending a UK primary school; not speaking a word of English, to being accepted at the hallowed grounds of learning. As the daughter of a Bosnian coal miner and a shepherdess, I grew up ‘different’. These differences ignited my vision for global change and building societal leaders.

My humble beginnings underpin my vision and values. Today, I bring these values as a CEO, COO and CIO in the industry, who leads global and international organizations through positive changes to pivot, grow and innovate via digitization and super connectivity. This vision and values provide compass for decision-making and life 

I believe organizations are looking for a new style of leadership – seeking people, not just recognized for their awards and accolades, but those who can influence, empower and champion their teams and functions.

My mission is to bring forward the value of the societal c-suite executive and CEO to the world stage.

As a courageous entrepreneurial woman, wife. mother, and daughter, I believe you don’t make family and entrepreneurial and social impact an either or question. 

If you want both, build for both!

Be Digital


If you’re a CEO, you already know that the “Next Normal” is here and the path to sustainable growth will be digitizing with pace and scale!  

CIOs, CTOs and COOs are also on the front foot right now thanks to their crucial role during the COVID-19 pandemic as they ride the new wave of increased digital trust.

Leading for a technology enhanced future means finding the right balance of connectivity, digitization, and operational resilience and translating it into a well-defined strategy to implementation. 

FTSE 100 and Fortune 100 companies must set the right balance of connectivity, digitization, and operational resilience, translating a well-defined strategy into implementation. 

As leaders, we must accelerate our journey balancing on and off premise data storage to digitize securely, quickly and effectively.

Be Courageous

Great leadership is inclusive, diverse and deeply connected

What does it take to be a great leader in this bold new new world?  

To take a leading role in this diverse new world means reshaping the environment and influencing business priorities.

Empowering diversity through technology of markets, customers, ideas and talent will help elevate us to the next level as more inclusive leaders.  We must be ready to adopt an inclusive mindset to live and lead with more curiosity, courage, cultural intelligence, commitment and collaboration than ever before!

Courageous leadership is the capability of making yourself better and stronger when the stakes are high and circumstances are tough.

Be Remarkable

Embracing Technology And Creating Change.

As CEOs today, we must become more influential within our chosen global marketplace. Embedding a company’s purpose and creating the right conditions for high-performance all while instilling a sense of value and belonging to individuals, so they feel their uniqueness is known and celebrated!

The Entrepreneurial Quotient

Boardroom conversations in high-performance FTSE, Fortune 500, and venture-capital-based organizations have shifted.

Yesterday’s good performance is today’s average. Post-pandemic, the impact of business leadership on society is distinguishing the exceptional from the merely good C-suite executives.

The most enlightened senior leaders realize that, irrespective of the size of the business, building entrepreneurship into the DNA of the organization is essential.

Interested in learning more and keeping your leadership skills fit for the future….

The Entrepreneurial Quotient provides a practical guide to executives who want to maintain and grow their edge in the market – blending societal leadership with entrepreneurial skill – and diving into the implications for your leadership style and your business.