About Global Transform


Get Ready for a New Era of Digitisation

A Visionary Life of Passion and Technology

My journey started as a daughter of a coal miner; my mother left school (age 8) to support the family farm and when I joined school I could not speak a word of English. Yet these humble beginnings shaped the foundations of my leadership practice, my intuitive entrepreneurial mindset and the limitless power of groups of people.

I have always had a passion for technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership together with creating the opportunity to influence an increasingly connected world.

Having worked within a series of increasingly international and global organisations, I realized how true entrepreneurs are found at the heart of truly successful and organisations yet very few Executive Boards had that combination of market understanding, technology and leadership. 

As an entrepreneurial CEO and CIO, COO for FTSE 100, FORTUNE 500 firms and FinTechs, I uncovered a gift for revolutionising businesses, driving turnaround, empowering teams and creating societally impactful global organisations.

With this recognition, I founded Global Transform as the ‘go to’ organisation that enables international and global firms to reimagine their business models unlocking the technology advantage and empowering the boardroom. I increasingly found an affinity with the power of purpose and the gift of purpose centred leadership.

With increasing asks to take stewardship of increasing responsibilities together with the ability to foster environments that realize entrepreneurial creativity in others, I connected with a deep personal desire to make a difference within the business and global functions that I was entrusted with.

With industry experience within a variety of executive and non-executive board positions I realized the impact a well-led organisation can make within society. I also realised the requirement for the right c-suite conversations to unlock the potential of the organisation and its assets together with harnessing the benefits of technology.

Our Mission

Creating a global culture

Global Transform is more than the go-to organisation for supporting Global CEOs and their executive teams. Due to the humble heritage of our organisation and our CEO, Dax Grant we live societal values and embed them within  the international and global FTSE and Fortune firms that we work with. For many company values and how they are translated to the client or customer are often ‘lip service.’ Working with leading edge brands and global organisations we explore the reality of living through values, embed entrepreneurship within a variety of global cultures and industry types, together with enabling entrepreneurship within top quartile organisations.

As a result we catalyse the benefits that technology and operational advantage bring to the market place. We keep this in balance with the impact all organisations have on family well-being and local community values.

No matter the size of the organisation we witness a variety of industry, societal and human trends that we address with executive teams in a leading by example approach.

Making a Difference

Working for a greater purpose

Sadly in even the most committed of SME oraganisations we see making a difference fall by the way-side as organisations focus on timelines and profit. The true value of relationship is often quoted though equally unappreciated as firms state a parochial opinion when times are tough. This is as clear in SME organisations as global and international firms. 

Global Transform has engaged with all shapes and sizes of firm whilst size is note an indicator of true focus on purpose and humility. Global Transform specialises with expertise in international and global organisations, sadly no organisation is immune. 

Greater purpose in the workplace is a focus of top quartile firms and a topic of conversation at Harvard Business School, recognising the place of purpose, social purpose and service the greater social good whilst harnessing the commercial strengths of global firms.

Global Transform helps organisations move beyond the ‘illusion of speed’. Focusing on key relationships and value.

Our Vision

Focus on what really matters

Many organisations become subsumed focusing on short-term value rather than relationships and unlocking mutual potential. No matter the size of your organisation this reality still exists.

Global Transform has access to a suite of industry experts that bring business acumen and entrepreneurship together with the greater social purpose. Working with us ensures that you are not one of those organisations that focuses on shot term goals to the detriment of the organisation and industry relationship. We are able to bring entrepreneurial expertise together with technology acumen. Catalysing the business through technology insight

With connection to global FTSE and Fortune entrepreneurs we bring a breathe of fresh arise to a multinational business and make start-ups rethink their approach.

With a genuine focus on purpose we draw on the strengths of the not for profit sector together with managing for value and access to the latest tech! Contact us for a no obligation conversation.

The Entrepreneurial Quotient

Boardroom conversations in high-performance FTSE, Fortune 500, and venture-capital-based organizations have shifted.

Yesterday’s good performance is today’s average. Post-pandemic, the impact of business leadership on society is distinguishing the exceptional from the merely good C-suite executives.

The most enlightened senior leaders realize that, irrespective of the size of the business, building entrepreneurship into the DNA of the organization is essential.

Interested in learning more and keeping your leadership skills fit for the future….

The Entrepreneurial Quotient provides a practical guide to executives who want to maintain and grow their edge in the market – blending societal leadership with entrepreneurial skill – and diving into the implications for your leadership style and your business.