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Distinguished industry authority on c-suite leadership within international and global organisations, Dax is a recognised Keynote speaker, renowned Woman in Technology and societal voice.

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The Entrepreneurial Quotient

Boardroom conversations in high-performance FTSE, Fortune 500, and venture-capital-based organizations have shifted.

Yesterday’s good performance is today’s average. Post-pandemic, the impact of business leadership on society is distinguishing the exceptional from the merely good C-suite executives.

The most enlightened senior leaders realize that, irrespective of the size of the business, building entrepreneurship into the DNA of the organization is essential.

Interested in learning more and keeping your leadership skills fit for the future….

The Entrepreneurial Quotient provides a practical guide to executives who want to maintain and grow their edge in the market – blending societal leadership with entrepreneurial skill – and diving into the implications for your leadership style and your business.